Sunday, 27 July 2014


Yeah, I know, "Procrastination" heavily overused word. But nevertheless, nothing describes my whole life better. I deeply admire all the people who know how to discipline themselves. I tried to copy them. I managed to go to university lessons regularly for nearly two weeks... hopeless case :/ Sometimes I wish to screw up so badly due to my habit to ditch lessons and to postpone everything to the last moment possible that I'd have no other choice than to develop some discipline and get a proper daily routine!!!! But I'm a lucky person.... I passed all my courses and did even well... So no need for discipline... That's why my days consist of nearly everything but studying.
The last few weeks have been my worst so far. I was so caught up in some crazy boybander-loves-other-boybander conspiracy I only left my flat to buy something to eat and of course, when my boyfriend had been home (that doesn't mean much... he stays at home two days at best ... ) Everyone close to me knows about me and postponing.. therefore it was no surprise when I got a book about "how to overcome one's weaker self" for my birthday. It's been four years since then and I didn't open it once... that sums it up pretty well!


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Agitation is bad for my TV and reading life, as well for my nails...

So the first post... and because of the world cup I have to write something about football ;)

Therefore I have to make a confession... I am usually too agitated when watching the German national team that I only follow the game via live ticker and twitter :D Nearly the same thing I do when watching anything but Comedy... I always go on wikipedia to read what will happen in the next episodes if the story gets too exciting for me. The catch is I will stop watching the show. That's the case for House of Cards (BBC), Games of Thrones, Suits, Orange is the new Black, Revenge, Braking Bad and so on... Also when reading books I tend to read the last pages whenever the storyline is creeping me out...
So I miss not only out on really good TV productions but on the light bulb moments you get when reading a book with a perfect arc of suspense as well.

If anyone has an idea for curing me go on and try!